The ICZMP study is the first of its kind in India under the World Bank credit arrangement and it carries a greater significance in developing a ‘scientifically Managed System’ striking a right balance parameters so as to ensure protection of mankind, marine life and other coastal eco-system and thereby send positive signals to the posterity of the impending need for the preservation of marine ecosystem of the Odisha Coast.


• One year continuous wave & wind measurements at 2 locations.
• One year continuous tide measurements at 5 locations.
• One year continuous current measurements at 10 Locations.
• Sediment and water ADCP samples collected covering in six rivers to 25 km upstream.
• Variation of beach profiles from (+) 5 m MSL till (-) 2m MSL at every 5 km along entire Odisha coast for four seasons.
• Variation in shoreline elevation at 250 m intervals from (+) 5 m MSL to (-) 2 m MSL in monsoon and fair Weather and generated terrain model.
• Bathymetry surveys along entire Odisha coast covering 480 km length and upto 25 m water depth at 250 m spacing and bathymetry survey inside six rivers upto 20 km upstream.
• Mapping of backshore areas such as sand dunes, tidal marshes, mangroves, lagoons etc. with the help of remote sensing data.
• Suspended sediment concentration in rivers and nearshore with remote sensing imageries of two seasons in a year using satellite imageries.
• Delineating the land form representing geomorphology, ecological zones, erosional/depositional trend, delineation of erosion prone area, volume and coverage of sand deposited in different seasons.
• Littoral Environmental Observations (LEO) covering one year.


Indomer is the most efficient organization to carry out the massive data collection program. And its quality and perfection of work are much better than the class company in abroad. – World Bank.

Indomer with its dedicated and highly qualified team could achieve this arduous and challenging task to the utmost stratification of the SPMU, Odisha. The performance was highly professional coupled with precision to meet the international industry standards associated with the oceanographic investigations.
– Dr. A.K. Pattnaik, Project Director, SPMU – ICZMP, Odisha.

Indomer work was much better than the European quality. – Dr. John Pethick.