Indomer Coastal Hydraulics (P) Ltd.

The leading Oceanographic Consultancy Company of its sort in India backed up with the scientific knowledge base, it offers full-fledged multi-disciplinary oceanographic services under one roof.


Indomer offers specialist solutions to Port design, Seabed surveys, Seawater intakes, Marine outfalls, Oceanographic measurements, EIA & Mathematical modelling.


Housed with more number of subject experts with highest qualification in Ocean Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Marine Geology, Marine biology, Marine Geophysics and Marine Chemistry.


Holds largest infrastructure with latest equipments. All Team Heads in Indomer are the former Scientists/Professors in different disciplines of Oceanography with immense experience in ocean related development projects.


Indomer is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company with QCI – NABET accreditation for EIA projects Sector 27 and Sector 33, NABL accreditation for Chemical Laboratory, MoST- CDC accreditation for Engineering consultancy.


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Dr. P. Chandramohan

Managing Director

Dr. P. Chandramohan, Managing Director of the company is a former scientist from CSIR-NIO, Goa. He has served 25 years in NIO as Scientist and Head of Ocean Engineering Group. He holds more than 45 years of rich scientific experience in Coastal Engineering discipline beginning with studies relating to shoreline protection for ISRO-Thumba Rocket Launching Station in Trivandrum, followed by 25 years of scientific mission in NIO centered around complete understanding of the complex dynamics of unique Indian coast and its amiability for the development of coast based infrastructure projects.

He is the first Indian expert to publish a data-based Wave Atlas for entire Indian Coast which, even today is the basic data source for the user industries in planning and designing of coastal projects.

His publications on Littoral Drift along the entire Indian coast still stand tall as valuable reference tools among the Researchers, Academicians and Practicing Engineers. During his tenure in NIO he published more than 60 papers and carried out more than 70 Consultancy projects. His unquenchable thirst for knowledge gained on the basis of 22 years of R & D experience Scientific management experience in NIO, provided the necessary impetus and motivation to bridge the prevailing gap between Research oriented Science’ and ‘Application starving Industries’. Various users in our country were desperately looking for scientific guidance in utilizing the ocean, but communication and co-ordination between the scientists and the user industry was lacking for a long time. This missing link of transformation of science into application stalled the effective utilization of ocean and consequently the development in India in general. With a view to breaking this impasse, he established the Oceanographic Consultancy Company ‘Indomer Coastal Hydraulics’ under the CSIR-NIO Entrepreneurship Scheme in April 1998. And today as a result of sincere efforts and perseverance over a span of 21 years, Indomer has emerged as the best equipped and efficiently managed Institution in India among private sector to undertake various types of oceanographic projects under his leadership.

Indomer has carried out more than 650 projects along the Indian coast spanning from Sundarbans in east turning over Kanyakumari peninsula till Kori creek in the west establishing its unique contribution on the development of coast based infrastructure-which is sine qua non for the growth of Indian economy in more ways than one.


Equipment’s like Benthos sub bottom profiler, CHIRP-III Seismic Profiler, Side Scan Sonar, Elac Multibeam Echo sounder, Benthos C3D, Multibeam sub bottom profiler, ODOM Dual frequency Echosounders, Hemisphere DGPS, Leica RTKs, underwater positioning systems, RDI ADCP Current meters, RDCP Current profiler, Aanderaa RCM 9 Current meters, WTR 9 Tide recorder, WLR 7 Tide recorder, Vale port tide master, Dynalab weather station, Datawell Directional wave rider buoys, Aanderaa Tide recorders, 420s Echosounder, Teledyne Heave & Motion sensor, Under water beacon, Sound velocity meter, YSI Water Quality Data loggers, Licensed software’s on MIKE 21 flow models. It has the sophisticated software’s on Mike 21 modules, AERMOD, Hypack, Cormix, Cedas and AutoCAD etc. The infrastructure facilities are par with leading National Laboratories and Indomer keeps updating its facilities time to time.


Physical Oceanography

• Datawell Directional Wave Rider Buoys
• Acoustic Doppler Current Meters
• Aanderaa RCM – 9 Current Meters
• Aanderaa Water Level Recorders
• Automatic Weather Stations
• Anemometers

Data Acquisition / Processing Software’s

• CODA GEOPHYSICAL Data Processing
• SONARWIZ – GEOPHYSICAL Data collection

Modelling Software

• Cyclonic atlas


• Teledyne Benthos Side Scan Sonars
• Teledyne Benthos Sub Bottom Profilers
• Elac Multi Beam Echosounders
• Odom Echotrac CVM Echosounders
• Garmin Portable Echosounders
• Teledyne Heave & Motion Sensors
• Digibar Pro sound Velocity meter
• Hemisphere Gyro Compass DGPS
• Hemisphere DGPS + GARMIN GPS
• Easy Trak underwater positioning
• Leica RTK survey systems
• Sokkia Electronic Total Stations
• Auto Levels
• Data Loggers
• Data Radio Wireless Modem
• Motorola Walkie – Talkies

Chemical & Biological Oceanography

• Perkin Elmer ICPOES
• Spectrophotometers
• YSI Water Quality Probes
• Microscopes
• Van Don Water Samplers
• Hot Air Oven, Flow Meter
• Digital Turbidity Meter
• Gravity Corer, Incubator
• Laminar Flow, Refrigerator
• Sediment Grabs, Sieve Shakers
• Millipore Filtration Units
• Mani Fold Filtration Units
• Zoo & Phyto Plankton Nets
• Autoclave, Digital Balance
• Micropipettes, pH Meter
• All Glass Single Distillation Unit